By Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Barlow
U.S. Army Reserve
INDIANAPOLIS -- For more than 109 years, Indianapolis Motor Speedway has brought racing fans from around the world to get a first-hand experience in adrenaline and excitement of the racing community. Armed Forces Day weekend, however, was a weekend to recognize the sacrifice and bravery of a few select individuals; newly enlisted service members.
The joint enlistment ceremony was held May 19 as part of the Armed Forces Day activities at the speedway. Of the hundred new recruits, three chose the Army Reserve as their career path.
Two of those were from Hamilton County, including one from Sheridan.
"It makes me feel a lot more excited," explained newly enlisted Army Reserve Soldier Dylan Delph of Sheridan. "My dad was in the Army Reserves and it is important to the family."
Those sentiments were common.
“I cherish and feel honored to be a part of the ceremony,” said Joshua Glover from Cicero. “We were selected out of all the new recruits in Indiana.”
The ceremony is held once a year at IMS. Families and friends attended and celebrated the life-changing event.
The new recruits are scheduled to attend basic and advanced individual training with in the next few months. After their training is complete, they will return home to Indiana and pursue a civilian career.
“I wanted to have a future and something to fall back on,” said Glover. “I have been trying to plan my future for a while, and I feel like by joining the Army Reserves, I will be more financially stable.”
Glover said the Army Reserves can prepare him for college to obtain a degree in law enforcement. He enlisted as a military police officer to gain prior knowledge before attending college.
As Glover hopes to use his military experience to transition to a civilian degree, other recruits joined to learn a new skill and become proficient in other areas such as logistics, operations and maintenance.
Tyler Harper of Lawrence, Indiana, enlisted at the ceremony as a quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer. However, he wants to pursue a career in criminal justice.
“I chose not to be a military police officer because I want to bring something different to the table in my life besides law enforcement knowledge,” stated Harper.
Besides the differences or reasons why the Soldiers enlisted, all three Soldiers explained their excitement and enthusiasm about their upcoming training.
“If other people can do it, I know I can too,” said Glover. “I am looking forward to having the opportunity to become a leader.”