Can you help them solve the mystery?

Photo courtesy Sheridan Historical Society
Can you help them solve the mystery? Photo courtesy Sheridan Historical Society
The Sheridan Historical Society has lots of items of historical significance and most of them have interesting stories associated with them. Occasionally, however, we receive a donation, and we are just not sure of the creator/author or of its significance or of the story behind it. Here is one of our conundrums.
A few months back Society president Ron Stone was given a painting of Noblesville’s Potter’s Bridge and on the backside of the framed painting was a poem about covered bridges. The poem says it is “Compliments of M. E. Clark”, and in the lower right corner of the painting are the initials “MEC”. Because the poem and the painting were together, MEC probably refers to M. E. Clark, but we are not sure. Our big question is who was M. E. Clark? We do not know, and we wonder if someone in our community or the surrounding area might have that information. If you know or have an idea, please stop by the museum any Tuesday or Friday afternoon between 1 and 4 pm or call (317-758-5054) and fill us in so we can solve this mystery. You can also go to our website ( and leave us a message.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. We would also invite you to come to the new museum for a visit. We are located at 315 South Main Street in the heart of downtown Sheridan, and we are building some interesting exhibits and would love to show them to you. And we are always ready to hear your story about any connections you have to the Sheridan community. If you do decide to visit us, please mask-up and maintain social distancing during this pandemic time. Thank you.